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eSSL was established in 2002 to establish Biometrics as an essential part of our lives for everyone. Biometrics gives you more security while, at the same time, it is simple to maintain and use. We aim to place Biometrics devices at every entrance, where we work or your home where you stay. Over time, the eSSL R&D team has created high-quality Fingerprint Iris, Face, and Biometrics products and solutions for SMEs, large enterprises, and Homes to satisfy their security and HR needs. eSSL distributes its network established across all districts and states of India to provide local services promptly. More than 20000 channel partners offer the service of delivering to customers across India and also in the most remote regions. eSSL is proud to provide an excellent after-sales support service to its customers. eSSL serves over 20 customers in India and abroad in various sectors such as manufacturing, retail, banking, healthcare, education, Govt, offices, shops, hotels and restaurants, gyms, clubs, residential, etc. If you are an existing eSSL customer In Hyderabad Telangana and need any support, please write to us at [email protected]


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In- and out times that are accurate to all staff members are essential for ensuring that you pay the correct amount to the entire staff. This helps keep employees engaged and can also help bring discipline to the workplace. We’ve created a wide range of devices that meet the demands of customers based on their preference for technology, industry size, network, etc. The most reliable T&A program eTimetracklike is simple to install, use and maintain. We also support 3rd Part HRMS, ERP, and Payroll with our SDK and make it easy to integrate tools.


Verifying access for all visitors, employees, and vehicles is essential for ensuring security and safety for everyone involved. eSSL provides a wide range of options for physical access controls and entry control solutions, including Biometric/RFID Doors, Turnstiles, Barriers with flaps, and DFMD. Most T&A devices also include basic Access control systems for controlling doors. This reduces the need for security guards and reduces costs, and also increases the security level.


Losing keys and having several keys for each member of your family is quite frequent. It is effortless to duplicate keys for mechanical devices—our loved ones and property are at risk. The fingerprint door lock can increase security at home, and it is easy since you don’t have to carry keys.


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